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Refractive Cataract Surgery Specialist

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If you’re dealing with both Cataracts and Refractive errors like nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, Refractive Cataract Surgery at Advanced Lasik in Manhattan, New York City, and Long Beach, California can solve both of your problems at once. Randa Garrana, MD, one of the country’s leading refractive surgeons, is here to help you see well at all distances at last. Click online scheduling or call the office nearest you to make an appointment now.

Refractive Cataract Surgery Q & A

What are cataracts?

Cataracts are clouding of the crystalline that sits in the eye behind the iris. This clouding fogs your vision and, in a severe cataract, can even lead to blindness.

Cataracts are usually more common the older we get, and they’re very common among seniors. According to the National Eye Institute, over half of men and women in the United States will have a cataract by age 80. Some other possible causes of cataracts include eye trauma, diseases like diabetes, and medications like corticosteroids.

What are the symptoms of cataracts?

When you have cataracts, you can experience symptoms including:

  • Blurry vision
  • Double vision
  • Increased light sensitivity
  • Poor night vision
  • Colors looking faded or yellowish

You might not have symptoms at first, but over time cataracts tend to grow until they cause major vision issues. If you have cataracts in addition to refractive errors like nearsightedness, it can make seeing clearly an even bigger and more frustrating challenge.

The best way to deal with cataracts along with refractive errors is state-of-the-art Refractive Cataract Surgery. Dr. Garrana specializes in custom lens replacement surgery that can improve all aspects of your vision at once.

What is Refractive Cataract Surgery?

Dr. Garrana uses a femtosecond laser system for maximum precision during cataract removal. She places the imaging device so it can create a digital map of your eye, hence delivering the best implantable lens power needed to get you to perfect vision.  

During the surgery, your cataract is broken into pieces and removed so Dr. Garrana can implant a new custom lens. Refractive Intraocular lens implants allow you to see at all distances and give you a nice depth of focus.

While previous cataract procedures could only correct your distance vision, today’s advanced refractive cataract surgeries can help in four different ways, depending on your needs. The refractive errors that an intraocular lens can correct include:

  • Myopia (nearsightedness)
  • Hyperopia (farsightedness)
  • Astigmatism
  • Presbyopia (age-related decrease in eyesight)

After Refractive Cataract Surgery, you’ll enjoy clear vision at all distances. It’s the ideal solution because it’s a two-in-one surgery with very little downtime. You’ll likely be able to get back to your regular routine in only a day or two, and with clear vision!

Use the online scheduler or call the Advanced Lasik office nearest you to arrange your Refractive Cataract Surgery consultation with Dr. Garrana now.

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