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Are you having difficulty seeing clearly? Do you wish that you could live without struggling with uncomfortable and expensive eyeglasses or contact lenses? Have you noticed a decreased ability to read up close without reading glasses or have trouble reading signs that are far away? Do you suffer from astigmatism or other eye conditions that affect your ability to see clearly? If so, then LASIK eye surgery may be the solution you have awaited all these years.

LASIK surgery, or laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis, is the most popular form of eye surgery because it is the best laser eye surgery known to today’s researchers and surgeons. It is so successful that it offers nearly every patient 20/20 vision, the highest quality of vision. How does it work so well? It’s simple. This surgery aims to re-shape the cornea of the eye, the component that refracts light into your eye, so that light hits your retina correctly. The retina is the light receptor of the eye and transmits what it perceives to the brain. By correcting the cornea and improving this process, the best LASIK surgeons can give you clear, reliable, and detailed vision in a matter of minutes. The result will be vision so clear that you can drive, read, and be active without vision limitations.

About the Procedure

The LASIK procedure is simple and virtually painless. If are scared to undergo this procedure or are unsure if you can trust a surgeon to interact with your eyes, you should know that the process is uncomplicated and recovery is short. Best of all, your eyesight will be noticeably improved immediately after the procedure has finished. At maximum, it will take a few days for your vision to achieve total improvement.
During the procedure, an ophthalmologist, or eye physician, will administer effective anesthesia via eye drops. You will feel no pain during the surgery. A speculum will be placed over the eye to prevent blinking. Next, your New York City eye surgeon will cut a thin flap on the outer layer of the cornea with a small, specialized blade. An excimer laser can then begin reshaping the cornea by removing excess tissue. Your surgeon will guide this laser with a map of your eye, perfecting the shape of your individual eye to improve your vision. This process will take less than a minute. Once it is completed, your surgeon will close the outer flap of your cornea. Remember, you will not feel any of this. Once the procedure is completed, you are free to go home and rest.
If you are under the care of one of the best LASIK surgeons, Dr. Randa Garrana, you will experience improved vision almost immediately with little discomfort and few limitations in the days after the surgery. In a short time, you will be amazed how vastly improved your vision is. If you want to experience the joys of waking up to flawless vision, contact us today to discuss your vision goals and to schedule an appointment.

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