Now offering the new procedure ‘FORTIFIED LASIK.', the latest most advanced laser revision correction procedure.
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Fortified LASIK (R)

Advanced Lasik

LASIK Surgeon & Ophthalmologist located in Long Beach, CA & Manhattan, New York, NY

LASIK has been performed on tens of millions of eyeglass and contact lens dependent individuals all around the world, with great success.

Fortified LASIK is essentially the same procedure but with a very important improvement: there is an added tissue-strengthening step after LASIK is completed.

The fortification part takes an additional few minutes.

The procedure works as follows: after LASIK is completed, a Vitamin B2 solution is added to the Cornea followed by the shining of a UV light on the area for a few minutes.

This strengthens the tissue and ensures the stability of the new Corneal curvature and a stronger Corneal tissue overall."

Finally, add pop-up to home page that reads, "Now Offering the ground breaking Fortified LASIK (R) procedure. Please schedule an appointment to learn more today.