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Corneal Cross Linking


Corneal Cross Linking 

Corneal Collagen Cross linking with Riboflavin (CXL) is a developing Keratoconus treatment. This works by increasing collagen crosslinks which are the natural anchors within the cornea. These prevent the cornea from bulging out and becoming steep and irregular.

Another specialized procedure we perform in our New York City office is known as corneal cross linking. It is a treatment for Keratoconus, where the cornea bulges outward and can become irregularly shaped, effecting your vision and comfort. Cross linking is an effective treatment that prevents the cornea from bulging.

It is also called corneal collagen cross linking, because it increases the natural collagen crosslinks found within the cornea. Our laser treatment system uses UV radiation to help stimulate new collagen cross links in the eye. These crosslinks act as anchors in the cornea, holding it in place and retaining its proper shape.

This Keratoconus treatment can affectively slow or cease the progression of this disease. Corneal cross linking is also FDA-approved in the US since 2016. If you believe you are a candidate for this procedure, please contact us so we can discuss your condition and your treatment options.

This procedure has been shown to slow or arrest the progression of keratoconus and was approved to be used in the US by the FDA in 2016. For more information on this procedure please contact us today!

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