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"The eye is one of the most important parts of the human body, and eyesight is the most valuable asset of human life. I, as a Cornea Specialist and Refractive Surgeon, have dedicated my entire career to correcting and restoring vision to humans from all walks of life. From teachers to athletes, from firefighters to police, everyone shares in the desire to wake up every morning and be able to see clearly independent of visual aids. So today I will make you this promise; I will always offer you the personalized care and treatment that you and your eyes deserve. I will continuously search for the most cutting edge technology in the world so you can get the absolute best outcome for your eyes. I will tirelessly work at broadening my knowledge base and honing my skills so you can get nothing less than outstanding results in my hands and under my care."

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Laser Refractive Surgery

The First Step to Life Without Glasses or Corrective Lenses

Laser Refractive Surgery
There has been a significant increase in laser refractive surgery in the past decade. This procedure is a corrective measure for those with from nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. These procedures have been performed by experienced eye doctors millions of times throughout the country, with an overwhelming rate of satisfaction. If you wish to be free from glasses or contacts, or greatly improve your vision, corrective laser eye surgery could be the solution. There are many different types of laser surgeries offered today, but you need the best ophthalmologist in New York City in order to experience the best results. Consult with your doctor for a recommendation and to discuss the best options for you. Contact Us Today or Request An Appointment! Contact Us Today or Request An Appointment!

Laser Cataract Surgery

Revolutionary Technology for Life-Changing Results


A Cataract is a clouding of the natural lens inside the eye. This lens, located behind the Iris, works just like the lens of a camera. It focuses light images on the retina, which sends images to the brain. The human lens can become so clouded, it keeps light and images from reaching the retina.

A cataract can be the reason sharp images become blurred, bright colors become dull, or seeing at night is more difficult. It may also be the reason reading glasses or bifocals, that used to help with reading, or simple tasks no longer seem effective. Vision with cataracts has been described as seeing life through old, cloudy film. But, a cataract is not a “film” over the eyes. It cannot be prevented, and changes in diet will not make it go away. Eye injury, certain diseases, or even some medications can cause the clouding.



We enjoy hearing excellent reviews from our patients. Here are some compliments we have received

“ I am so thrilled with the outcome of my surgery. I have been telling my friends about Dr. Garrana and the staff. You guys were very helpful, flexible and have a great attitude towards your patients. Thank you for everything. ”


“ Dr. Garrana is excellent at her craft. I required a second laser procedure after seven years due to the aging process. Both experiences were professional, expert care. I see 20/20. Initially seven years ago, my vision was 20/400. Both eyes with astigmatism. Now, my vision once again is 20/20. I would recommend this procedure to anyone who can’t see far away. This procedure has changed my life. I am forever grateful! ”


“ I would like to thank you and your staff for the professionalism and courtesy you have rendered during my visits. It’s apparent that you strive to provide a comfortable setting and customer service to your patients. I am very pleased with the results of my surgery. For years, I required to wear eyeglasses to be able to see clearly. I am no longer in need of those old eyeglasses. I am able to function comfortably at the office and go about my daily business contently with my new vision. The mannerism and professionalism of your staff is commendable. I would highly recommend you to my family, friends and clients. ”


“ Dr. Garrana did a great review during the initial appointment and made me feel relaxed. The procedure was fast and again she made me feel at ease. Instructions for after treatment were simple and everything was repeated several times for great memory effect. Today, I have 20/15 vision and no discomfort at all. What a joy to wake up to a sharp clear world. Thanks very much for opening the windows to the world! ”


“ Absolutely the best care and procedure I’ve ever experienced. Thank you for the freedom of perfect vision. One of the greatest gifts you could give to anyone! I am very grateful. ”


“ Dr. Garrana and her staff are indeed very professional. They exhibit a caring, comfort and competent atmosphere. I would definitely do the procedure again even if it would cost me $10,000. It was well worth it. It is a great success story. I would highly recommend anyone who wants have Lasik, to have it performed by Dr. Garrana. She is very professional and extremely competent. She and her entire staff are a role model and a credit to the medical field. ”