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Kamra™ Inlay Specialist

Advanced Lasik

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The Kamra® Inlay is a corneal implant that can change your life if you’re dealing with age-related near-vision problems. At Advanced Lasik in Manhattan, New York City, Long Beach, California, and Pasadena, California one of the country’s leading ophthalmologists, Randa Garrana, MD, can help you leave reading glasses behind forever. Use the online scheduler or call the office nearest you to book a Kamra Inlay consultation now.

Kamra™ Inlay Q & A

What’s the Kamra Inlay?

Kamra is a corneal inlay made from a biocompatible material known as polyvinylidene fluoride. The Kamra implant corrects presbyopia, an age-related near-vision problem in which you can't focus on books, computer screens, or other things in your immediate surroundings.

The Kamra corneal inlay is a permanent solution, so it eliminates the need for reading glasses in most patients. The Kamra corneal inlay only goes in one of your eyes, the one that's your dominant near-vision eye. Your eyes then work in tandem to give you good vision at all distances.

Who’s a good candidate for the Kamra Inlay?

If you're suffering from presbyopia and you're tired of struggling to see your phone and constantly having to rely on reading glasses, you might be a great candidate for the Kamra corneal inlay.

You can even get a Kamra corneal implant if you need two prescriptions (if you're wearing bifocals now). Dr. Garrana can combine Kamra and LASIK for optimal vision at all distances if needed.

Most patients who get Kamra are over 40. Dr. Garrana can do a complete eye exam and discuss your vision correction needs with you to determine if Kamra is right for you.

How does Kamra implantation work? 

Dr. Garrana numbs your eye using anesthetic drops so the procedure is painless. She uses a state-of-the-art laser to make a tiny flap in your cornea. She places the Kamra corneal inlay into this opening, positioning it perfectly for optimal vision.

The inlay rapidly adheres to your cornea and heals within about a day. The Kamra implantation procedure requires no stitches and you can expect to return to your regular routine in as little as a few days.

What can I expect long-term from my Kamra corneal implant?

Your vision will be clear and your focus excellent for activities like computer use, phone use, and reading. Most patients don't need to wear reading glasses afterward. As long as your eyes don't change in terms of prescription, your results are permanent.

Ready to learn more about Kamra corneal implant and how it can help you? Use online scheduling or call the Advanced Lasik office nearest you today.

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