Raindrop® Near Vision Inlay

Glasses on: check the time. Glasses off: make the coffee. Glasses on: read a text. Glasses off: have a face-to-face meeting with a client. If you have readers, you know the routine. As people’s eyes age, they lose flexibility and are unable to refocus light as quickly as they could when they were younger. The consequence is presbyopia, a condition that results in a progressively worsening ability to focus on close objects. Presbyopia is a natural part of the aging process and becomes a risk after the age of 35. Everyone is affected by presbyopia to some degree as they age. Until recently, the solutions for presbyopia were limited to some type of corrective lens, either readers or progressive lenses, both of which attempt to help patients see objects close up and far away. Some patients have ameliorated presbyopia with monovision, where one eye is corrected for distance vision and the other eye is corrected for near vision, either with surgery or a contact lens. None of these solutions for presbyopia were ideal and each came with its own set of challenges.

The good news for individuals struggling with presbyopia is that there is a modern solution for this age-old problem. Raindrop® Near Vision Inlay is the world’s first natural solution for the treatment of presbyopia. Raindrop is a microscopic hydrogel inlay that is implanted under a femtosecond laser flap onto the stromal bed of the cornea. It is made of a soft material called hydrogel, which is 80% water and is similar to the cornea. The Raindrop inlay works by gently changing the curvature of the eye to improve focus on objects that are close. During the procedure, one Raindrop™ Near Vision Inlay is placed in the cornea of the non-dominant eye, which significantly improves near and intermediate vision in the treated eye without markedly affecting distance vision. The procedure takes about 10 minutes and is virtually painless. Most people who have tried Raindrop see better almost immediately, and patient satisfaction rates are over 95 percent. The response from most patients is, “Wow!”

With Dr. Garrana, your eyes are in good hands. Call us to discuss the Raindrop Inlay procedure and stop the on-off-on-off cycle for good!

To Learn More about the Raindrop Procedure, visit here: https://revisionoptics.showpad.com/share/Kv8xlEitrMFukN4GdWdu

180fusion | October 25, 2017